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LCD Key Shield
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LCD Key Shield For Arduino

Do you need an easy to use interface for your LCD screen? The LCD Button Shield just might be your answer! Moving through menus and making selections straight from one stand-alone shield attached to your Arduino is a great way to cut down on your tower of shields.

LCD Key Shield is an LCD expansion board with a 1602 LCD display , a five-way key, a rotary encoder. It is fully compatible with the Arduino UNO board. You can achieve the desired display function only by connecting it with the Arduino UNO board, and then programming the corresponding code . In addition, we extended a five-way key and a rotary encoder, and (D13-D11) Digital IO, (A0-A5) Analog IO containing SPI, I2C interface, so you can achieve key function on LCD1602 screen and encoder function, and you can also assemble the electronic bricks and many other modules with our LCD Key Shield, therefore, you can display the results you need on the LCD.


  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Can achieve six key functions, a rotary encoder function
  • 3 Digital IO and 5 Analog IO interface


Check the link below for example code, schematics, and additional information.

Note: Headers are included AND soldered. - This unit is Ready to use


Download Code

Download DataSheet


Learn how to use this LCD Key Shield at the UniHobbies Learning System

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LCD Key Shield

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