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Air.Air! is a portable device to measure air quality. It has been successfully tested on iphone and Ipod!Air.Air! automatically measures air quality by detecting particulate matter. It can detect particles in the air, including minute traces of cigarette smoke or diesel fumes.With our air quality sensing app, you can set an alarm (currently under development) to alert you if the quality level goes below a specified levels and it also measures temperature.

It uses the new Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE), so it can transmit data to any Bluetooth-compatible device. There is no need for Internet access, because Air.Air! communicates directly with your smart phone, Awesome right? By having our own air quality monitoring system, we can potentially optimize decisions to decrease exposure to poor air. You can discover, for instance, that your furnace or wood stove is leaking and affecting your air quality.

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  • 1 X Air.Air!

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