MultiWii SE 2.5
MultiWii SE 2.5
  • MultiWii SE 2.5
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UniHobbies Multiwii-SE2.5

MultiWii SE 2.5  Compatible/Generic Board

Product Package Content(s):

1 X MultiWii SE 2.5 Compatible Board

1 X Set of CABLE'S

 • Small size,35x35mm mounting holes
 • 6 PWM input channels for standard receiver or PPM SUM receiver
 • Up to 8-axis motor output
Supported 2-axis gimbal and auto trigger controll
 • FTDI/UART port for upload firmware, debug, Bluetooth module or LCD display
 • I2C port for extend sensor, I2C LCD/OLED display or I2C-GPS NAV board for GPS and Sonar
 • Ultra low noise 3.3V LDO voltage regulator
 • ATMega 328P Microcontroller
 • MPU6050C 6 axis gyro/accel with Motion Processing Unit
 • HMC5883L 3-axis digital magnetometer
 • BMP085 digital pressure sensor
 • PCA9306DP1 logic level converter

 • Dimension: 40mmX40mm
 • Height: 11.6mm
 • Weight: 9.3g
 • Fixing hole spacing: 35mm (It can be changed to 45mm by CRIUS Distribution Board)
 • Hole diameter: 3.1mm

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MultiWii SE 2.5

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