Stepper Motor NEMA 24 - 3Nm
Stepper Motor NEMA 24 - 3Nm
  • Stepper Motor NEMA 24 - 3Nm
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Stepper Motor NEMA 24 - 3Nm

Product Description

This is the Stepper Motor NEMA 24 - 3Nm.  The latest Nema24 GB24H288-40-4B hybrid stepper motor with dual shafts, it can work very well with the TB6560, M542, M542H, 2M542, DM542A, DQ542MA, MA860H, 2MA860, DM860A and DQ860MA etc stepper drivers in the market. Due to the high 425 Oz-in holding torque, low vibration and low noise, this motor can be widely used on office/home automation, medical equipment, textile machinery, robot etc. It is the best choice for the medium to large cnc routers, milling machine, laser and plasma cutters.

Product Features

  • High torque, More smooth movement
  • High efficiency, energy-saving, low noise, low vibration, high start torque, low start current and reliable performance
  • Simple 4 wires ensure easier wiring, installation and maintenance

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Stepper Motor NEMA 24 - 3Nm

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